Thursday, November 13, 2008

Another special visit

Face off. The best in Las Uvas vs. the best in Fargo. Chess, connect four, and ping pong. Who won? Let's just say Enmanuel has some practicing to do before he heads up to Fargo. We'll have a rematch.

It was just like Alice in Wonderland. Why is everything so big? No, Dave and Enmanuel didn't shrink if that is what you were thinking, but it was like we were warped into another world. Just beyond a few giant concrete walls was paradise, a place most inlanders never catch a glimpse of, a place known as Playa Dorada. The games were giant size, the drinks were free (well, prepaid for), the pools were clean and beautiful, and the people were mostly white. Were we really in the DR?

Of course, Ramonita's cooking was a hit, again, with the new visita.

Why rent a car when you can have great carro publico photos like these!

Free but very expensive prepaid for drinks.

The hippest Merengue, Bachata, and Salsa discoteca in Santo Domingo. Everyone was out on the dance floor that night.

Practicing the Dominican Lifestyle.

We saved the best for last. 27 charcos. Wow, what an experience. It was an absolutely beautiful, breath taking (meaning exhausting), hike up the mountains and into the waterfalls of Imbert. Note our helmets and life jackets- yeah, they were a necessity for this rough and tough adventure. Our well trained guide pulled us up waterfall after waterfall. He was one strong man. By the time we got to the twelfth waterfall, my legs were frozen and my knees were shaking. We then turned around and had options of sliding (if slideable) or jumping down the 12 waterfalls. However, after Enmanuel made his first jump of his life (take a look at the video below) and forgot to plug his nose and swallowed a gallon of water, he managed to find a way to monkey down the side of the rest of the falls.

All made it back to their homes alive that evening, but we were exhausted and I had a very sore tailbone from jumping off a very high cliff and doing a butt flop. Now, a month later and I still can't sit right.

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angela estoy super super guapa contigo porke en tu block no tienes ni una foto mia...uh uh uh toy muy guapa...pero na como kiera te kiero pila...osea mucho